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3DTRIXS is a leading Anamorphic Video Production Company, renowned for delivering mesmerizing visual narratives enhanced by the distinctive qualities of anamorphic lenses. Our skilled team expertly employs state-of-the-art technology to create immersive cinematic experiences, leveraging the widescreen format and characteristic lens flares to imbue every frame with a sense of cinematic magic and immersive storytelling.

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    Our Works

    Dive into our past works and witness the captivating narratives crafted with our Anamorphic Video Production Services.

    Anamorphic Video Production Services

    Immerse your audience in cinematic brilliance with our Anamorphic Video Production Services. Anamorphic videos boast a unique widescreen aspect ratio, elevating your storytelling to new heights. With enhanced depth and mesmerizing lens flares, our productions captivate viewers, leaving a lasting impression. Whether it's commercial advertising or narrative filmmaking, we craft visuals that set your brand apart. Experience the transformative power of anamorphic storytelling with our expert team behind the lens.

    Our services redefine visual storytelling by merging technical precision with artistic flair. We meticulously compose each frame to evoke emotion and draw viewers deeper into your narrative. Anamorphic videos offer unparalleled cinematic quality, enhancing every scene with rich colors and stunning clarity. From concept to delivery, our team is dedicated to realizing your vision with uncompromising excellence. Elevate your brand with anamorphic videos that leave a lasting impact, setting new standards in the industry, all made possible by our Anamorphic Video Production Company.

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    Cinematic Advertisements

    We provide visually stunning advertisements that go beyond conventional visuals by harnessing the unique capabilities of anamorphic lenses.

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    Narrative Filmmaking

    We create captivating narratives using immersive anamorphic cinematography to transport audiences to rich, emotive worlds filled with cinematic splendor.

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    Brand Promotional Videos

    We create captivating brand promotional videos using anamorphic filming techniques to highlight your products, services, or brand narratives in a visually striking manner.

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    Educational Content

    We create educational content using anamorphic cinematography to enhance engagement and simplify complex concepts visually.

    Our Clients

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    3DX Anamorphic Video Production

    Process | Expertise | Offerings

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      Detailed planning and strategic logistics guarantee a smooth commencement for your video production project.

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      Our skilled team transforms your vision into reality through proficient filming and direction.

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      We enhance your footage to create a visually stunning and impactful video.

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      We handle the animation, incorporate music, and provide voice-over services to your video, delivering the final output.

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    Our Expertise in making Anamorphic Videos

    Immerse yourself in our expertise where each frame is meticulously crafted to captivate audiences with vibrant colors, enhanced depth, and unparalleled clarity. From cinematic advertisements to narrative films, brand promos, educational content, and beyond, our commitment to excellence ensures your vision is brought to life in stunning anamorphic brilliance. Explore the endless possibilities of anamorphic storytelling with our comprehensive range of anamorphic video production services.

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    Our team combines technical mastery with artistic vision to achieve precise anamorphic compositions, ensuring every shot is visually striking and immersive.

    We continuously push boundaries and explore innovative techniques to elevate anamorphic storytelling, infusing creativity into every aspect of the production process.

    Recognizing that every project is unique, our Anamorphic Video Production Company offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client, delivering personalized results that consistently exceed expectations.

    We foster a collaborative environment where client input is valued and incorporated throughout the production process, resulting in cohesive and impactful anamorphic videos that reflect your vision.

    Our dedication to perfection drives us to meticulously refine every aspect of the production, from lighting and framing to editing and post-production, ensuring a seamless and polished final product.

    With a team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about their craft, we bring years of collective experience and industry expertise to every project, guaranteeing exceptional quality and professionalism in every aspect of our Anamorphic Video Production services.

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    Industries we have worked with

    We've had the privilege of working with a wide range of industries, including Automobiles, Aviation, Biotechnology, Defence Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Education and Training, Electronics System Design & Manufacturing, Engineering, Healthcare, Infrastructure, IT & BPM, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, and many more. This breadth of experience ensures that your brand's message will shine, regardless of your industry, with the expertise and dedication of our Anamorphic Video Production Company.

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    Styles of Videos we provide

    We offer a versatile array of video styles tailored to suit your unique needs and objectives. Whether you're aiming to captivate audiences with cinematic advertisements, tell compelling stories through narrative filmmaking, or educate and inform with engaging educational content, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. Our anamorphic video production services extend to dynamic brand promotional videos, immersive event coverage, visually stunning music videos, and captivating documentaries.

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    Cinematic Advertisements
    Captivating ads crafted with stunning visuals and compelling storytelling to stand out and drive engagement.

    Narrative Filmmaking
    Intricate plots, compelling characters, and breathtaking visuals bring stories to life in films, shorts, or series.

    Educational Content
    Engaging videos simplify complex topics using clear visuals and captivating storytelling for effective learning, all expertly crafted by our Anamorphic Video Production Company.

    Brand Promotional Videos
    Memorable videos showcase brand stories, products, or services, connecting emotionally with the audience.

    Event Coverage
    Immersive videos capture the essence of events, allowing viewers to experience the energy and excitement.

    Compelling narratives and captivating visuals, enhanced by our Anamorphic Video Production services, shed light on real-life stories, events, or subjects, offering insight and perspective.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Anamorphic Video Production?

    Anamorphic video production involves using specialized lenses to capture widescreen images with a unique aspect ratio, resulting in a cinematic look characterized by enhanced depth of field and lens flares.

    2. What are the benefits of Anamorphic Video Production?

    Anamorphic video production offers several benefits, including a distinctive cinematic aesthetic, immersive storytelling capabilities, enhanced visual appeal with vibrant colors and stunning clarity, and the ability to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

    3. Do you offer customizable video production packages?

    Yes, we understand that every project is unique, and we offer customizable video production packages tailored to meet your specific needs, objectives, and budget requirements.

    4. Can I be involved in the creative process of my video?

    Absolutely! We encourage collaboration and value your input. Our team will work closely with you during every stage of the creative process, from concept development to scriptwriting and production, to ensure your vision is brought to life.

    5. What sets your Company apart from others?

    Our ​Anamorphic Video Production Company stands out due to our extensive industry experience, creative expertise, commitment to excellence, and a versatile team capable of delivering high-quality videos across various styles and industries.


    If you’re looking for an Anamorphic Video Production Company​ to create original, customized, and flawless videos, reach out to us with your queries, and we’ll be glad to bring your message to life.

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    We create videos and marketing content to help businesses increase visibility, generate leads, and improve commercial success.

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    We provide cutting-edge corporate videos that are expertly produced, captivating, and meet all of your needs.

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    We make Ad Films for television and media platforms that are ideated, curated, and designed closely in connection with our skilled marketing team.

    Explainer Videos

    Educate customers, promote products and reach greater heights through our explainer video services.

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    We are an industry expert, offering our clients years of experience and unmatched creativity to develop engaging content aligned with their business goals.

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