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The Explainer Video Cost Calculator is an innovative tool designed to provide an accurate cost estimation for the creation of explainer videos.

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Explainer Video Cost

The cost of creating an explainer video can vary significantly depending on various factors. The style of the video, for instance, can influence the cost as different styles require different levels of expertise and time commitment. A simple whiteboard animation / 2d animation might cost less than a complex 3D animation.

The duration of the video also plays a significant role in determining the cost. Longer videos require more resources, hence are more expensive. The inclusion of custom elements such as unique graphics, characters or branding elements also adds to the cost. Additionally, the complexity of the animation and the requirement for a professional voice-over can further escalate the cost. Therefore, it is important to consider all these factors when budgeting for an explainer video.

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Motion Graphics Video Cost

The cost of creating whiteboard / motion graphics Videos is always determined by the specific, custom elements you wish to incorporate in your project.

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3D Animation Video Cost

The cost of 3D Animation often fluctuates, heavily influenced by the intricacy of the 3D models used and the complexity of the animation involved.

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2D Animation Video Cost

The cost of producing 2D animation videos, is largely influenced by factors such as the character count and the level of customisation required.

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Live Action Video Cost

The cost of producing a live action video can greatly vary depending on several key factors such as the location of the shoot, the actors involved, and the props used.

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Factors Affecting the Explainer Video Pricing

Explainer Video Pricing

Complexity of Animation

Animation intricacy significantly influences explainer video cost. Detailed character designs and movements demand extra resources, while intricate backgrounds and special effects increase production time and expenses.

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Additionally, the length of the video and the level of customization required contribute to the overall complexity and, consequently, the pricing. Longer videos generally entail more animation work, while customized elements such as characters, environments, and props necessitate additional time and effort from animators. Furthermore, revisions to the storyboard or last-minute changes can extend the production timeline and incur extra costs as adjustments are made to meet the client’s specifications. Therefore, careful consideration of these factors is essential for both clients and animation studios to establish fair and accurate pricing for explainer video projects.

Explainer Video Cost

Duration and Script Complexity

The length and complexity of your script are pivotal pricing factors. Lengthier videos and intricate scripts necessitate more animation frames, editing, and creative input, resulting in higher costs to effectively convey your message.

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Lengthier scripts often require more thorough planning, storyboard development, and voiceover recording sessions, which can extend the project duration and increase costs. Additionally, scripts with intricate concepts, technical jargon, or nuanced messaging may demand additional research, scriptwriting, and revisions to ensure clarity and effectiveness in communication, further influencing pricing. Therefore, clients should carefully consider the scope and intricacy of their scripts when determining their budget for explainer video production, as these factors play a significant role in determining the final cost.

Explainer Video Estimate

Customization and Branding

Tailoring graphics, colors, and branded elements to your identity requires additional design efforts, impacting explainer video rates. Integrating logos, slogans, and product images demands meticulous attention, potentially incurring extra costs for customization and licensing. Collaborative efforts to ensure brand coherence further influence overall pricing.

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From aligning color schemes and typography to integrating brand guidelines and visual motifs, every aspect of customization demands meticulous attention to detail to maintain brand coherence and consistency. This collaborative process between the client and the production team often involves multiple rounds of feedback and revisions to ensure that the final product effectively reflects the client’s brand image and values. As a result, customization and branding efforts not only impact explainer video rates due to the additional design work involved but also contribute to the overall value proposition by enhancing brand recognition and engagement.

explainer video cost

Voiceover Requirements

The selection of voiceover talent, including factors such as experience and tone, alongside language options, can impact pricing. Professional voice actors and multiple language choices may incur additional costs.

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Specialized voiceover needs may necessitate hiring more experienced or niche talent, which could result in higher fees. Additionally, the number of revisions or versions of the voiceover needed to accommodate different markets or adaptations may add to the overall cost. Furthermore, if the project requires licensing or royalties for the use of voiceover talent, especially for commercial purposes, these expenses should be factored into the pricing structure. Therefore, when considering voiceover requirements for explainer videos, it’s essential to account for not only the upfront costs of talent selection but also any additional fees associated with specialized needs or usage rights.

Explainer video price

Sound Design and Music Licensing

Custom sound effects and licensed music enhance the quality of video but they come with additional expenses. Securing rights for music tracks and sound effects can contribute to overall animated video cost.

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Acquiring the rights for music tracks and sound effects involves navigating licensing agreements, royalties, and usage restrictions, which can contribute significantly to the overall production cost. Additionally, the complexity of sound design, including the creation of bespoke audio elements tailored to the video’s narrative and pacing, may require specialized expertise and resources, further impacting pricing. Therefore, while sound design and music licensing elevate the quality and professionalism of explainer videos, it’s important for clients to allocate sufficient budget for these components to ensure a polished and engaging final product.

Explainer Video Estimate

Revision Rounds

The number of revision rounds included in the package affects pricing. Additional revisions beyond the specified rounds may result in extra charges, as they require additional time and resources from the production team.

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Clients should consider the level of flexibility they require for refining and perfecting the video during the production process. While some packages may include a set number of revision rounds within the base price, additional revisions beyond this limit typically incur extra charges. These additional rounds demand valuable time and resources from the production team to implement changes, adjust animations, and fine-tune details according to the client’s feedback. Therefore, clients should carefully evaluate their revision needs and discuss them transparently with the production team to ensure alignment and avoid unexpected costs.

explainer video cost calculator

Delivery Timeline

Urgent delivery requests or tight deadlines may incur rush fees due to expedited production schedules and prioritized resources, affecting explainer video pricing. A flexible timeline can help mitigate additional costs associated with rushed projects.

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Clients requesting urgent delivery or facing tight deadlines should be aware of potential rush fees associated with expedited production schedules and prioritized resource allocation. Expedited projects often require the team to work under pressure, adjust schedules, and allocate additional resources to meet the client’s timeframe, thus impacting overall pricing. Conversely, a flexible timeline allows for smoother project management and resource allocation, mitigating the need for rush fees and minimizing additional costs. Therefore, understanding the implications of delivery timelines on pricing is essential for clients seeking efficient and cost-effective explainer video solutions.

Explainer Video Rates FAQs

1. Are there any hidden costs associated with explainer video production?

While we strive for transparency in our pricing, there may be additional costs or considerations that clients should be aware of. We’re happy to discuss these to ensure a clear understanding of the total investment.

2. How do changes in project scope or requirements impact explainer video pricing?

Flexibility in project scope and requirements is important, but it can also affect pricing. We’ll walk you through how changes may influence the overall cost of your explainer video project.

3. What steps can clients take to optimize their budget when investing in explainer videos?

We understand the importance of maximizing value within budget constraints. Let us guide you through strategies to optimize your budget while still achieving your desired outcomes.

4. Are there any cost-saving options or alternatives available for clients with limited budgets?

Explainer video production doesn’t always have to break the bank. We’ll explore cost-saving options and alternatives to help clients achieve their goals within their budgetary constraints.

5. How does the quality impact explainer video pricing cost?

Explainer video pricing and rates are influenced by various factors, including video length and complexity, animation style, script development, voiceover talent, music and sound effects, revisions, deadlines, additional services, project scope, and client preferences.

6. Can you provide examples of successful explainer video projects?

Absolutely! Ourย portfolioย showcases a diverse range of explainer video projects, each tailored to meet specific client needs and budgets. Take a look at our portfolio to see examples of successful projects at different price points and discover the possibilities for your own project.


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