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Top 5 Explainer Video Companies in Munich, Germany – 2024

The motive of this article is to highlight and showcase the top explainer video companies in Munich, Germany. The list is based on our assessment, thus there may be different companies which are not included in this list but might be doing excellent work.

Due to their ability to convey complex information about your products and services to your target audience in a short, engaging video with appealing visuals, explainer videos have grown to be a significant source of revenue generation and have a significant impact on your company’s conversion rates.

The combination of audio and visual stimulus explains a concept simply and understandably. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, which are proven to increase message retention hence, explainer videos are so effective.

Finding the ideal explainer video company for your business is just as crucial as creating the explainer video itself, so to make the process easier, we have thoroughly researched the market and have put together a list of 5 of the best explainer video companies in Germany, Munich that you should take into consideration.


Your one-stop shop for all explainer video production needs, 3DTRIXS offers cutting-edge videos designed for all digital platforms. Possibly one of the best explainer video companies in Munich, Germany, 3DTRIXS has produced over 7000 projects for over 600 clients around the world. 

Over the years, the company has grown significantly thanks to its amazing group of artists who have helped companies all around the world to rejuvenate their business with explainer videos.

The company provides top-notch services for explainer videos, commercials, corporate and educational videos, as well as 2D and 3D animation videos and visual effects.

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2 – Brand Animators

Brand Animators is a popular explainer video company in Munich, Germany is known to make excellent videos that help brands reach greater heights. Their videos are a great way to expand deals, assemble brand mindfulness, or teach your audience and convert clicks into clients.

The company offers a wide range of video production services like explainer videos, animation videos, motion graphic videos, whiteboard animation videos, screen recording videos, product demo videos and much more hence brand animators are your one stage, for all your visual media needs.

3 – You know 

You know is a top-notch explainer video company in Munich with a team of 75 specialists in didactics, design and e-learning.

They produce explainer videos and e-learning videos that have an impact and inspire millions of people worldwide.

Through the use of storytelling techniques based on insights from cognition psychology and their eleven years of expertise in creating explanatory videos and e-learning solutions, their videos reduce the complexity of your product or service.

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4 – Al Dente

AL Dente is an explainer video company in Munich renowned for producing tailor-explainer videos that are produced promptly and affordably. Their team of experts produce some of the best videos in the world which convey your message with humorous and aesthetically pleasing animations.

All the explainer videos that this company makes are understandable and meaningful self-explanatory videos that attract your target audience not only in terms of content but also visually. The company offers high-class services for video content marketing, image film, recruitment video and explainer video.

5 – Sehsucht

Sehsucht is one of the leading explainer video companies in Munich with the ability to conceive ideas, dream up stories and craft visual experiences. Their team consists of artists, creators and innovators who develop visual experiences for all media.

The company offers top-notch visual solutions and experiences as an integrated creative production studio. They combine storytelling, design, and cutting-edge technical execution to create explainer videos that are all distinctively different. The company offers the best solutions for live-action videos, motion graphic videos, visual effects and much more.

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In the end, deciding which explainer video company would best help a person’s business success depends entirely on their particular preferences.

You will be presented with different video marketing strategies for your products or services by different explainer video companies in Germany. A quick and simple strategy to select the best one is to look at a company’s past work to see whether or not their explainer video services are intriguing to you.

These are the five best explainer video companies in Munich, Germany, according to our research and opinion. With any of these companies as your collaborators in creating videos for your business, you will be able to produce top-notch material for your needs.

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