Top 5 Explainer Video Companies in Berlin – 2024

The purpose of this article is to spotlight and feature prominent explainer video companies in Berlin. It’s important to note that while our evaluation has identified top performers, there may be other exceptional companies not included in this list.

Due to their ability to convey complex information about your products and services to your target audience in a short, engaging video with appealing visuals, explainer videos have grown to be a significant source of revenue generation and have a significant impact on your companyโ€™s conversion rates.

The combination of audio and visual stimuli explains a concept simply and understandably. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, which are proven to increase message retention hence, explainer videos are very effective.

These videos serve as a dynamic tool for fostering brand awareness and establishing a connection with the audience, fostering a memorable and engaging brand presence. Additionally, their versatility allows them to be easily shared across various online platforms, amplifying their reach and impact.

Selecting the right explainer video company for your business is paramount, carrying equal weight to the creation of the explainer video itself. To streamline this crucial process, we’ve conducted extensive market research and curated a list of five top-tier explainer video companies in Berlin that merit your careful consideration.

1 โ€“ 3DTRIXS

3DTRIXS stands out as a premier explainer video company in Berlin, serving as the preferred choice for all explainer video production requirements. With a specialization in creating cutting-edge videos tailored for digital platforms, we’ve successfully completed over 7000 projects for a diverse clientele comprising more than 600 businesses worldwide.

Our company has witnessed substantial growth over the years, driven by an exceptional team of artists who have played a pivotal role in revitalizing businesses globally through impactful explainer videos.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including top-notch explainer videos, commercials, corporate and educational videos, as well as meticulously crafted 2D and 3D animation videos and visual effects.

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2 โ€“ VisualCrafters

VisualCrafters is a prominent explainer video company in Berlin, Germany, recognized for crafting compelling videos that elevate brands to new heights. Their videos serve as powerful tools for expanding sales, building brand awareness, and effectively educating and converting audiences into clients.

The company provides a diverse range of video production services, including explainer videos, animation videos, motion graphic videos, whiteboard animation videos, screen recording videos, product demo videos, and more. VisualCrafters stands as your all-in-one platform for all your visual media needs.

3 โ€“ InsightfulVids

InsightfulVids is a top-tier explainer video company in Berlin, boasting a team of 75 specialists in didactics, design, and e-learning. They produce impactful explainer videos and e-learning videos that inspire millions of people worldwide.

Utilizing storytelling techniques grounded in cognition psychology and leveraging their eleven years of expertise in creating explanatory videos and e-learning solutions, InsightfulVids’ videos simplify the complexity of your product or service.

4 โ€“ PixelPunch Studios

PixelPunch Studios, an explainer video company in Berlin, is renowned for producing tailor-made explainer videos promptly and affordably. Their team of experts creates some of the finest videos globally, conveying messages through humorous and aesthetically pleasing animations.

All explainer videos crafted by this company are self-explanatory, easy to understand, and visually appealing, capturing the target audience’s attention not only in terms of content but also visually. PixelPunch Studios offers premium services for video content marketing, image films, recruitment videos, and explainer videos.

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5 โ€“ VisionaryMedia

VisionaryMedia stands as one of the leading explainer video companies in Berlin, equipped with the ability to conceive ideas, craft stories, and develop visual experiences. Their team comprises artists, creators, and innovators dedicated to creating distinct visual experiences across all media.

The company provides top-notch visual solutions and experiences as an integrated creative production studio. By combining storytelling, design, and cutting-edge technical execution, VisionaryMedia creates explainer videos that are uniquely different. The company excels in live-action videos, motion graphic videos, visual effects, and more.


Berlin stands as a hub for diverse and innovative explainer video production, offering a spectrum of creative talent to meet the evolving needs of businesses. The top 5 explainer video companies in Berlin highlighted in this blog collectively showcase the city’s prowess in visual storytelling and brand communication.

From impactful didactics to visionary experiences, these companies exemplify the city’s commitment to effective communication through the medium of explainer videos. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of such visual narratives in the digital realm, Berlin emerges as a pivotal player, providing a rich and varied pool of talent.

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, where the ability to convey complex messages is key, these top explainer video companies in Berlin offer a range of skills, ensuring that businesses can find the right partner to transform their ideas into engaging visual narratives. Berlin’s position at the forefront of this creative industry reinforces its status as a go-to destination for businesses seeking excellence in explainer video production.

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