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The 20 Best Free Sound Effects Websites to Make the Perfect Video

If you want your video content to resonate effectively with your audience, it’s crucial to consider not only the visual elements but also the auditory aspects. Fortunately, you don’t need to overspend your budget on this. With a simple Google search, you can find the best free sound effects websites.

Yet, navigating the plethora of websites offering freeware sounds can be daunting. To ease this process, I’ve curated a list of 20 free sound sites that I believe can provide immense value to your business.

20 Best Free Sound Effects Websites You’ll Love

Finding freeware sounds that align perfectly with your video’s ambiance can be challenging, as it often involves downloading files from various sources to create the ideal composition. To simplify this process, we have compiled a comprehensive list of twenty websites that are sure to fulfill all your requirements.

1 – ZapSplat

ZapSplat boasts a comprehensive library of tens of thousands of top-tier free sound effects, complete with themed packs and royalty-free music tracks, all at no cost. With approximately 200 new sound effects files added daily, the repository stays current to cater to all your audio needs.

Exclusivity is a highlight, as the majority of ZapSplat’s files are unique to their library, offering users content not found elsewhere. While the platform is user-friendly and easily navigable, users must provide attribution across all platforms where their content is uploaded.


– All files are suitable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

– The site’s exclusive library is continuously updated, ensuring fresh content.

– User-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation.


– Attribution is required across all platforms where content is uploaded.

– Free account members have access to files only in MP3 format.

2 – Videvo

Although Videvo’s primary focus is on stock footage and video templates, it’s also one of the top sound effects websites available. Their royalty-free music can be browsed by genres and moods, and you can also opt to click a “Surprise Me” button to discover tracks you hadn’t thought of!

While the free library is somewhat restricted if you’re not a Premium account member, it’s still very useful if you’re just starting on your editing journey and don’t need a ton of files.


– Downloads are available in MP3 and WAV formats.

– Unless specified otherwise, their files can be used for commercial purposes.

– No need to sign up for free downloads.


– The free library is quite limited for both sound effects and music tracks.

– The focus is on stock video footage, so there’s no guarantee that new sound effects will be uploaded regularly.

3 – SoundEffects+

This Finland-based provider has been in the industry for several years, recording and designing the best free sound effects with their own team of seasoned sound professionals.

With up to 100 free downloads per month, SoundEffects+ is one of the most complete libraries out there, and, since everything is recorded and edited by the team itself, you can rest assured that the sound quality will be top-notch and free of background noise or interference.


– 100 free downloads per month.

– No need to sign up or give attribution when you use their files.


– The library doesn’t offer an option to filter your search, so you have to rely on keywords to find what you’re looking for.

4 – Sample Focus

According to this free sound site, it claims to have “the world’s most organized sound library.” While I can’t confirm if it’s truly the most organized, it’s certainly one of my top choices when it comes to finding the best free sound effects!

Sample Focus operates on a credit-based system, where you receive three download credits every Monday. You can earn an additional four credits by uploading your own files to share with others. Moreover, if you refer a new user using your invite link, you’ll both receive twenty credits.


– Completely free, credit-based system that replenishes weekly.

– No attribution required.

– Material can be used for all purposes, and you can edit or remix it as desired.


– Downloads are currently unavailable for mobile devices.

– Sign up for a free account is required.

5 – Sound Jay

No, you haven’t traveled back in time to 2007—this is Sound Jay’s landing page. Despite its somewhat dated appearance, it remains one of the best sound effects websites available.

Alongside sound effects, Sound Jay also offers a royalty-free music library. However, finding what you need can be a bit challenging as there’s no search bar—you’ll have to browse through the categories to discover the site’s offerings.


– All files are free for any purpose, including commercial use.

– Attribution is encouraged but not required.


– Outdated website design makes navigation a bit challenging.

6 – Unity Asset Store

If you’re involved in the gaming world, you’re probably familiar with Unity, an engine primarily used for creating video games. However, Unity’s Editor and Asset Store are increasingly utilized across various industries to develop different content types, including video pieces.

Unity’s Asset Store isn’t just a free sound site. Alongside audio files, it offers a vast array of assets such as 3D and 2D characters, animations, props, and more, along with add-ons, templates, tools, and AI solutions.


– Assets come with user ratings and reviews to help you make informed decisions before downloading.

– The website is user-friendly, allowing you to filter results based on reviews, release dates, and other criteria.


– Downloading assets requires using Unity’s Editor engine, which may have a learning curve.

7 – SoundsCrate

Some of the finest free sound effects can be discovered at SoundsCrate. Without any attribution required, you can access Hollywood-level audio and visual content to elevate your projects and make your videos truly memorable.

The sleek and modern website ensures easy navigation, allowing you to explore a wide range of unique categories. From the epic orchestral compositions found in “Epic” to the essential fight sound effects for action sequences, SoundsCrate offers diverse options to suit your needs.


– Libraries are updated weekly, ensuring a steady influx of fresh content.

– In addition to sound effects, the platform also offers 3D animations, motion graphics, plugins, and more.


– Free downloads are restricted to 5 per day.

– Account registration is mandatory for access.

8 – PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat boasts a collection of stock music and sound effects that rival those of big production houses, thanks to its team of professional composers and designers. While much of their content requires purchasing a license, they offer numerous freeware sounds and tracks accessible through their blog.


– Professionally produced, high-quality music tracks and sound effects backed by Shutterstock.

– Free packs can be used for personal or commercial purposes without limitations.


– Users must browse their blog to discover available free packs matching their desired sound effects.

9 – Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects provides a minimalist approach to accessing high-quality audio files, with a straightforward website dedicated solely to their sound library. Offering a variety of subcategories and frequent updates, it’s a convenient option for those seeking an ad-free experience.


– Files available in MP3 or WAV format.

– No attribution required.


– Navigation requires browsing individual subcategories, as top menu buttons lack functionality.

10 – PacDV

PacDV offers a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the early 2000s with its straightforward layout and extensive collection of sound effects and royalty-free music. Despite the lack of a search bar, its Miscellaneous category provides unique audio options suitable for various projects.


– Simple, old-school layout.

– Files suitable for personal and commercial projects.


– Lack of a search bar requires browsing through categories to find specific sounds.

11 – Free Sounds Library

Freesound lives up to its name by offering a vast collection of free sounds, complete with a handy search bar for easy navigation. While the website design may appear outdated, features like the search bar and curated sections make it a valuable resource for finding the best free sound effects.


– Search bar enhances navigation.

– “Most Wanted” and “Popular” sections for staying updated on trends.


– Attribution required.

– Ads may disrupt the user experience.

12 – Clipchamp

Clipchamp offers creators a suite of tools for crafting exceptional video content, including a diverse library of sound effects alongside a video editor, screen recorder, GIF maker, and more. While accessing the sound effects library may require some navigation through their site, it boasts unique categories such as holiday-themed sounds and a Star Wars pack.


– Comprehensive suite of free tools for video creation.

– Unique sound effect categories not commonly found elsewhere.


– Finding the sound effects library may require some navigation.

– Signup is necessary to access the platform.

13 – Airborne Sound

Airborne Sound offers an extensive library of over 50,000 high-quality sound effects, making it one of the premier destinations for free sound resources. With decades of experience and partnerships with elite film studios and gaming companies, you can trust that you’re accessing top-notch audio from industry professionals.


– Extensive sound library catering to various needs.

– Additional free sounds available through blog posts.


– Sounds are bundled, requiring downloading the entire file even for a single sound effect.

14 – Free to Use Sounds

The couple behind this website has curated an impressive collection of immersive, movie-like sound effects. While their Premium library offers a wide range of options, they also offer over 140 free bundles accessible through Bandcamp. With both MP3 and WAV formats available, users can enjoy unique country-themed ambiance sound bundles.


– Curated collection of immersive sound effects.

– Free bundles accessible through Bandcamp.

– Both MP3 and WAV formats available.


– Bundles must be downloaded through Bandcamp by entering “0” in the Name Your Price box.

15 – Bluezone Corporation

Bluezone Corporation offers a diverse selection of free sound effects, catering to composers, producers, and content creators alike. With twelve different free sample packs and over twenty sound effects libraries, users have access to a wide range of high-quality audio for both personal and commercial use.


– Diverse libraries curated by professionals.

– No attribution required.


– Individual file downloads are not available; users must download entire packs.

16 – Motion Elements

Motion Elements provides a comprehensive array of resources for video creators, including freeware sounds, stock videos, 3D models, and After Effects templates. While the platform offers a wide selection of free sound effects with no attribution required, users can also explore pay-per-item and subscription options for additional content.


– No attribution required.

– WAV format available for all files.


– Some content may be labeled for Editorial use only, so users should verify if the chosen file can be used for commercial purposes.

17 – BigSoundBank

BigSoundBank offers a modest yet valuable selection of 3,002 sound effects, making it ideal for users seeking simple, common audio assets. Despite its straightforward design and limited library size compared to other platforms, BigSoundBank stands out with its “Museum of Missing Sounds,” evoking nostalgia with classic audio clips like the 56k modem’s characteristic beeps and bops.


– Free for all usage types.

– MP3 and WAV formats available.


– Limited library with basic sound effects.

18 – Soundgator

Soundgator offers a straightforward approach, allowing users to freely utilize their sound library without the need for registration or attribution. With no hidden fees, Premium-exclusive sounds, or download limits, Soundgator provides an extensive and regularly updated collection for users.


– No account sign-up or credit required.

– Unlimited downloads.


– Limited variation in sounds (e.g., no animal sound effects).

19 – Chosic

Chosic serves as a haven for audio enthusiasts, offering not only top-quality free sound effects but also a range of music-related tools such as a song finder, playlist generator, and more. While their sound effects library may be modest, it covers all the essential sounds needed by amateur video editors.


– User-friendly navigation.

– Diverse categories available.


– Limited to MP3 files.

20 – Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme may not have the sleekest website design, but its extensive library of sound effects more than makes up for it. Covering everything from ambient sounds to human and animal noises, along with royalty-free music and an advice hub, this site is a top choice for all your freeware needs.


– Offers both MP3 and WAV formats, with a convenient “Save in Dropbox” option.

– No registration required.


– The website design can be visually overwhelming after prolonged browsing.


Integrating audio seamlessly with visual imagery is crucial for powerful video content. The absence of background music or sound effects can create an unsettling experience for viewers. Utilizing the best free sound effects from reputable sources can elevate your content, giving it a professional polish that captivates audiences and enhances their viewing experience.

The power of video lies in its combination of visual imagery and audio. Have you ever watched an indie film without background music or sounds? It can feel uncomfortable. This applies to your video content as well. Using the best free sound effects available is essential to give your piece a polished, professional feel that delights audiences.

After reading this list, you’re ready to start browsing free sound sites to find your favorite companion!

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