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Top 5 Explainer Video Companies in Dubai, UAE – 2024

Over the years, the demand for explainer video companies in Dubai, UAE has skyrocketed. Companies all over the world use explainer videos to introduce their products and services to audiences that are unfamiliar with their brand. (That’s why explainer videos are so popular among startups.)

Explainer videos can be a great way to introduce a business or explain its products and services to potential customers. By using simple language and visually appealing graphics, explainer videos can quickly and effectively convey important information about a company.

Studies have shown that explainer videos can increase conversions on landing pages by as much as 80%. This is because they provide a clear and concise explanation of a product or service, which can help to persuade viewers to take a desired action (such as making a purchase).

By including keywords and phrases in the script of an explainer video, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and make it easier for potential customers to find their website.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of five of the top explainer video companies in UAE, Dubai based on our extensive study and understanding.


3DTRIXS is a highly-rated explainer video company in Dubai known to develop highly interactive and audience-focused explainer videos.

We revitalize your business and bring unimagined success to your organization through a distinctive style of animation and a wide range of explainer video services.

Motion graphic videos, 3D animation videos, 2D animation videos, live-action, and VFX videos are among our most popular explainer video styles.

These videos help brands educate customers, promote products and reach a huge number of people. Companies all around the world have trusted our service, and they have helped them reach greater heights.

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2 – Doleep Studios

Doleep Studios is an explainer video company in Dubai, UAE established in 2007 by the New York Film Academy filmmaking alumni.

One of the reasons Doleep Studios is one of the UAE’s most prominent video production companies is that it has worked on 12 international blockbusters, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Corporate videos, promotional videos, animation videos, and television commercials are among their other areas of expertise.

 3 – Infamous

Infamous is an animated explainer video company in Dubai expertizing in the art of explaining complicated data in simple, elegant, and eye-catching ways with the help of innovative video content.

The company has a long list of awards, including The Daman CSR award for the campaign of the year, the Telly Award, and an award for the Best Campaign of the Year 2017 for their excellent work over the years.

Whiteboard animation, infographic videos, character creation, and live video productions are among their many services.

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4 – MotionGility

MotionGility, established in 2015, stands as a premier explainer video company in Dubai. As a dedicated video production studio, they excel in creating tailor-made, engaging video content that boosts your brand awareness and enhances conversion rates. Their videos excel at simplifying your message and forging meaningful connections with your audience.

With a track record of successful partnerships with globally renowned brands and unicorn startups, MotionGility has consistently helped clients realize their visions and optimize their marketing outcomes. They offer an extensive range of top-tier video services, including explainer videos, 2D animations, motion graphics animations, SaaS videos, product demonstrations, corporate videos, and various other video styles, all conveniently accessible in one place.

5- PineTree Media

PineTree Media is one of the leading explainer video companies in UAE, Dubai. Over the years, they have consistently delivered high-quality, goal-oriented video productions to their clients.

They are a group with extensive experience and knowledge regarding explainer video production’s creative and practical aspects. Their experience in the advertising world, especially in the UAE market, and knowledge of cutting-edge technology are unparalleled.

TV commercials ads, client testimonial videos, corporate video production, and photography are also provided by PineTree Media.


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In conclusion, there are many great explainer video companies in Dubai to choose from, each with its own unique styles and strengths. The companies that we have talked about in this post offer a wide range of animation styles and customization options.

Ultimately, the best explainer video company for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s important to carefully consider factors such as price, animation style, and level of customization when choosing an explainer video company to ensure that you get the best for your needs.

This article aims to educate people about the best explainer video companies in Dubai, UAE. The ranking is based on our opinion, and there may be other companies performing excellent jobs.

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