Interactive Video Examples

Best 15 Interactive Video Examples to Learn From— With Key Takeaways!

The landscape of consumer-brand interaction has been revolutionized by video marketing. Today, leveraging video content stands as one of the most effective methods for companies to allure customers, foster engagement, and sustain their interest, ultimately leading them toward conversion. Yet, amidst this dynamic, a fresh contender has emerged: interactive videos. Explore interactive video examples that are reshaping the consumer experience and driving unparalleled engagement.

In this discourse, I will delve into this innovative video format, elucidating its merits and outlining strategies for leveraging it to captivate audiences, differentiate your brand, and deliver a memorable experience. Additionally, I’ll dissect 15 compelling interactive video instances, offering insights for optimal learning and application.

Interactive Video Examples

What Are Interactive Videos?

An interactive video stands out as a multimedia format that grants users the ability to actively engage with the content embedded within the video itself. Its designation as “interactive” stems from the capacity for viewers to manipulate specific elements of the video, thereby altering its trajectory, storyline, or characters using a diverse array of tools.

In contrast to conventional videos, which offer limited functionality such as play, pause, rewind, fast forward, or restart, interactive videos empower users to interact with the content through actions like clicking, dragging, scrolling, hovering, and other digital maneuvers—similar to interactions within video games or websites.

These interactive points are commonly referred to as “hotspots,” enabling viewers to dynamically shape the narrative through their interactions, leading to nonlinear storylines, divergent paths, and the exploration of new potential outcomes.

Interactive Video Examples

What Benefits Do Interactive Videos Offer?

Videos exhibit remarkable flexibility, accommodating businesses across diverse industries, pursuing various goals, and targeting different audiences. When it comes to interactive video production, its key advantages include:

  • Enhance audience engagement: Interactive videos foster active viewing experiences, reducing the likelihood of viewer distractions, boredom, or content abandonment.
  • Improve conversion rates: Compared to other forms of digital ads like banner ads, Google display ads, and YouTube annotations, interactive videos boast a significantly higher conversion rate, exceeding 11%. This can be attributed to their inherent attractiveness, encouraging viewer engagement and retention until the conclusion.
  • Refine performance analysis: Interactive video enables more comprehensive metric tracking, allowing for the collection of data, monitoring of clicks within the video, analysis of user pathways, and more. This deeper understanding of viewer interaction patterns facilitates the refinement of video content and enhances customer insights.

What Are They Used for?

Interactive videos may appear as a novel and groundbreaking innovation, yet upon closer examination of the entertainment sector, particularly video games, we find that interactive content has existed for quite some time.

However, the distinction lies in the versatile applications of interactive content by companies today:

  • Developing educational interactive videos, such as quizzes, serves as an effective method to educate customers about your brand or industry. These videos serve as valuable educational tools, as they necessitate active engagement from the audience, who must attentively absorb the information to answer questions correctly.
  • Utilizing interactive shoppable videos can effectively illustrate new products or reintroduce discontinued ones. For instance, while showcasing each product, clickable segments can direct viewers to your e-commerce platform for further exploration. This enables viewers to interact with your offerings and gain deeper insights into them as soon as they pique their interest.
  • Employing interactive training videos proves beneficial for enhancing employee skills or onboarding new hires. Crafting engaging training videos revolves around assisting the audience in applying their skills and resolving real-world challenges that may arise in the workplace—objectives perfectly achievable through interactive videos.

Interactive Video Examples

Best Interactive Video Examples to Learn from 

Although these videos offer numerous benefits for brand marketing endeavors, their novelty may pose challenges in assessing their real-life impact. To gain insight into their utility and efficacy, here are 15 best interactive video production examples, accompanied by key takeaways elucidating their effectiveness.

1 – Lifesaver – Don’t Fear Asking Obvious Questions

Interactive video example

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The primary objective of Lifesaver’s quiz-style video is to instruct viewers on emergency response protocols, particularly in scenarios involving cardiac arrest, collapse, or choking. Tailored for an audience without a medical background, the interactive elements enable them to familiarize themselves with first-aid procedures such as back blows, abdominal thrusts, and other essentials.

While navigating through the quiz, certain questions may appear straightforward, like whether to avoid broken glass on the floor (Hint: The answer is yes). However, this approach proves beneficial for effective healthcare marketing, as it incentivizes viewers to remain engaged. Furthermore, by requiring active decision-making, viewers are better prepared to replicate these actions during real emergencies.

2 – IKEA – Tell a Story

IKEA interactive Video


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This interactive video example piece crafted by IKEA stands as a superb example of shoppable content within the realm of interactive video examples. Throughout the presentation, viewers can hover over IKEA’s homeware products to access additional information. Moreover, the inclusion of a “shop now” call-to-action seamlessly directs viewers to the company’s e-commerce platform, while also offering the option to return to the video at the exact point they left off if they opt not to make a purchase.

Despite the innovative nature of interactive videos, it’s crucial to remember that effective video content hinges on storytelling. In this instance, IKEA masterfully narrates the tale of a couple’s room, cleverly adopting the style of a David Attenborough documentary. By portraying the room as a natural habitat for various species, IKEA breathes life into its products in a captivating, entertaining manner.

3 – Nike – Offer New and Unique Experiences 

Interactive video example

(Interact with this video)

In this interactive video example by Nike, viewers are tasked with selecting an outfit for a photo shoot aimed at promoting the new Air Max shoes. This innovative advertisement features a stylist guiding the audience through each clothing item, offering realistic portrayals of how the garments might look in real-life scenarios. The interactive nature of the video allows viewers to immerse themselves in a virtual shopping experience, enabling them to choose their preferred clothing items and envision how they would combine them.

At the core of interactive video production lies the delivery of fresh and original experiences to the audience. For Nike’s target audience, the opportunity to imagine themselves as members of the styling team, making decisions on outfit customization and design for a photo shoot, proves both entertaining and insightful.

4 – Google – Showcase Your Service in New Lights

Tilt Brush, a virtual reality application developed by Google for creating 3D drawings, garnered promotion through a unique approach. Google enlisted six renowned artists to showcase their talents in real time using the software. Subsequently, an interactive video was crafted, allowing viewers to select an artist and witness their creative process unfold within a blank space.

As spectators, viewers are afforded the opportunity to observe the evolution of images from any angle by adjusting the perspective of the artist. This piece effectively illustrates the functionality of the new drawing tool in a novel manner, enabling viewers to glean a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

5 – SBS – Engage New Senses

(Interact with this video)

This poignant and visually captivating creation originates from Australian broadcaster SBS, chronicling the journey of Angelina as she endeavors to learn Marra. The animated interactive video transports viewers to her remote village in Northern Australia, showcasing various elements of the landscape such as rivers, houses, and animals, while prompting viewers to repeat the corresponding words in the Marra language.

This video underscores the notion that interaction transcends the mere addition of buttons and hotspots to videos. Instead, it emphasizes the potential of engaging viewers through sound and listening features. Considering that a majority of video consumption transpires on smartphones or computers equipped with microphones, leveraging such features can enhance interactivity significantly.

Drawing inspiration from this example, it’s imperative to contemplate how your audience engages with your videos and explore all available elements to create compelling and unique interactions.

6 – Cisco – Harness the Power of Gamification

Interact video example

(Interact with this video)

This quiz developed by Cisco provides valuable insight into the early stages of interactive videos and highlights the evolution of this medium over time.

The educational video aims to assess viewers’ comprehension of English phrases through comprehension questions, serving as a promotional tool for Cisco’s online teaching resources.

What distinguishes it as one of the best interactive video examples is its integration of gamification principles. By incorporating interactive elements like the hearts at the top, reminiscent of a game’s point system, the learning experience is made more enjoyable. Furthermore, these elements aid in maintaining viewer engagement and enhancing comprehension of the subject matter.

Even for brands not offering educational services, adopting similar gamified approaches can be beneficial. These strategies can be employed to assess viewers’ knowledge about the brand or to educate them on the unique benefits of the product, thereby fostering deeper engagement and understanding.

7 – Stand Up for Safety – Take Advantage of the Viewer’s Curiosity

Stand Up For Safety Interactive video

(Interact with this video)

This interactive piece effectively educates viewers about potential safety hazards, demonstrating that a substantial budget is not a prerequisite for creating impactful videos.

Through the display of clickable danger signs when the main character engages in potentially risky behavior, the video imparts crucial safety lessons to viewers. By requiring viewers to click on each sign to uncover the underlying dangers associated with common practices, the video harnesses viewers’ curiosity without disrupting the narrative flow.

This example of interactive video capitalizes on viewers’ inquisitiveness, prompting them to actively engage in discovering the hidden risks behind seemingly innocuous habits and learning how to mitigate them effectively.

8 – The Jungle Book – Build Hype Around a New Product

Interactive video example

(interact with this video)

In response to the growing desire among customers to engage in the development process of products and services, Disney unveiled a captivating interactive video to promote the 2016 remake of the classic Jungle Book movie.

This innovative piece features a movable split screen, enabling viewers to seamlessly transition between scenes from the real film and the pre-computer-generated imagery of the same recordings. Through this interactive format, viewers are not only treated to insights into the intricate development process of a film with numerous animated animals but also encouraged to delve deeper into the plot and cast details through clickable hotspots that unveil additional information.

This interactive treasure hunt engages viewers actively with the content, offering them an opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes work involved in the film’s creation. Such intriguing engagements not only entertain viewers but also serve to generate excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming release.

9 – Cloneable Customer Service – Train Your Workforce

Here, we have a compelling interactive video example designed to equip employees with the skills to navigate challenging conversations with clients effectively. The primary objective of this video is to empower employees to take control of interactions in high-tension scenarios. Presented with Joseph, a customer facing a difficult situation, viewers are tasked with selecting various approaches to his requests, each leading to different outcomes.

Interactive videos prove particularly potent for training viewers in essential soft skills such as communication and customer service. By showcasing real-life scenarios and demonstrating how they can evolve based on the viewer’s choices, these videos offer a dynamic learning experience. The direct approach employed here allows learners to empathize with Joseph’s predicament, fostering engagement and interest. Ultimately, it better prepares them for real-world client interactions.

10 – Ford – Appeal to Every Audience

In 2022, Ford introduced a creative interactive video series to promote their new Ford Ranger Pickup truck. This narrative unfolds around a central character, guiding viewers from waking up to bedtime, with opportunities to choose the character’s activities throughout the day, particularly emphasizing how he utilizes his Ford Ranger Pickup.

This interactive video example stands out as one of the best due to Ford’s adept utilization of interactive elements to cater to multiple audience segments. By allowing viewers to chart their own unique paths, Ford effectively targets various demographics.

For instance, nature enthusiasts may opt for the adventurous route, showcasing the truck’s ample space for accommodating a bike effortlessly. Conversely, family-oriented viewers following the storyline of picking up children from school may appreciate the demonstration of the new review camera for precise parking in city streets. This versatile approach enables Ford to appeal to diverse audience segments within a single video.

11 – RVO – Gain Feedback From the Viewers

(Interact with this video)

Navigating the bureaucracy of Nethederland can be daunting, especially for newcomers or those unfamiliar with available resources. Recognizing this challenge, RVO devised an interactive piece to guide individuals through the process of applying for a grant within their province.

In this interactive video, viewers can click on different sections of the document to access information on its contents and the necessary steps to secure the desired grant. This user-friendly approach simplifies the application process, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Upon completion of the video, RVO prompts viewers to rate their experience on a scale from one to five and provide feedback through a form. Given the novelty of interactive videos, soliciting viewer feedback is invaluable for refining interactive video production techniques and enhancing educational content delivery about products or services.

12 – Mended Little Hearts – Let People See the Results of Their Donations

Interactive video example

(Interact with this video)

Mended Little Hearts, a charity dedicated to children with congenital heart disease, recently launched the ‘Give a Fuller Life’ campaign, which follows the daily life of 11-year-old Max. In this interactive video, each viewer donation contributes to brightening Max’s life, showcasing how even small online contributions can significantly impact a child’s well-being.

In marketing for charities and special causes, ensuring the success of a campaign often hinges on demonstrating the tangible effects of donations to potential donors. People are motivated to contribute not only by altruism but also by the gratification of witnessing the positive outcomes of their generosity.

However, showcasing these effects can pose challenges, especially when dealing with sensitive topics or beneficiaries who cannot be directly portrayed. Utilizing animated characters in interactive videos offers a solution to such difficulties, enabling organizations to effectively communicate their message and increase donations by illustrating the transformative power of contributions in a sensitive and engaging manner.

13 – Chelsea FC – Show Your Behind-the-Scenes

In every football fan’s fantasy lies the desire to explore the grounds of their beloved club and engage directly with their sporting idols. Chelsea Football Club recognizes this aspiration, evident in their interactive video tour of the CFC training grounds, which employs interactivity and a first-person perspective to offer viewers an immersive experience through the VIP areas.

This great interactive video example demonstrates the potential to provide viewers with enhanced behind-the-scenes experiences through the utilization of this format. While it may not be feasible to physically tour every Chelsea fan around the training grounds, the interactive video creates a sensation of direct interaction with players, fostering a sense of real-life engagement.

Offering customers such captivating and distinctive experiences is instrumental in building long-term loyalty and bolstering their allegiance to the team through all circumstances. This immersive approach not only delights fans but also solidifies their commitment to the club.

14 – Honda – Make Use of Branching

With their campaign “The Other Side,” Honda transforms the perception of the Civic from a familiar family car to an exciting getaway vehicle. This innovative video presents two contrasting realities for one Honda driver: in one scenario, he’s a carpool dad picking up his kids, while in the other, he’s evading police at high speed. Viewers can seamlessly switch between these realities by holding down the letter “R.”

Honda employs the branching technique in this video, offering viewers multiple content pathways to create a personalized experience. While Honda isn’t advocating for using their Civic as a getaway car, the video highlights the versatility of the vehicle, showcasing its potential for adventure from different perspectives.

By demonstrating the dual nature of the Civic, Honda expands its brand image beyond that of a traditional family car, inviting viewers to reimagine their driving experiences and discover new possibilities with Honda.

15 – Buzzfeed – Make Use of “Luck”

Interactive video example

(Interact with this video)

BuzzFeed has earned acclaim for its engaging and humorous interactive quizzes, and now, they’re expanding into interactive videos. One notable example is their tarot quiz, where the reader prompts viewers to click on a deck of cards. Depending on the timing of their clicks, different cards with distinct readings are revealed.

Incorporating elements of chance or “luck” into interactive videos allows for the creation of diverse outcomes based on various factors such as the viewer’s timing, response time, or even their device (phone, computer, TV). This approach enables the development of personalized experiences for viewers, surprising them with content that feels tailor-made for their engagement. Such unique experiences not only captivate audiences but also foster a sense of connection and exclusivity, enhancing viewer engagement and satisfaction.

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Let us help you bridge the gap between your brand and your audience through immersive and impactful video content. Together, we can elevate your brand’s presence and drive success in the competitive digital landscape.

  • At 3DTRIXS, our client’s needs always take precedence. We are committed to producing the most engaging and unique videos for each client, irrespective of the message they aim to convey to their target audience.
  • We understand that every business is unique, and we strive to showcase that distinctiveness in our videos. While there are numerous components in our recipe for creating exceptional animated videos, we believe that paying close attention to the little details is paramount in conveying our client’s brand voice and personality effectively.
  • Moreover, we acknowledge that nobody understands a company better than its owners. Therefore, we value and prioritize our client’s feedback throughout the production process, from inception to completion. By listening attentively to our clients, we can continually refine and enhance the final product, ensuring that it exceeds expectations and aligns seamlessly with their vision.


Interactive videos encompass far more than mere clickable hotspots and linear question sequences. They represent meticulously planned and designed interactions with content, aimed at providing viewers with unique and entertaining experiences that imprint a positive and distinctive brand impression.

The benefits of interactive videos are significant. By empowering viewers with the choice to steer the video’s direction, rather than passively consuming content from start to finish, businesses can revolutionize viewer engagement. This opens up new avenues for building relationships between customers and the brand, fostering loyalty, and leaving a lasting impact.

As businesses increasingly recognize the potential of interactive videos, now is the opportune moment to embrace this dynamic format. Partnering with a trusted animated video production company allows businesses to leverage the power of interactive videos, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve and engage audiences in innovative ways. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your brand’s presence and captivate your audience—seize the opportunity to explore the realm of interactive videos today.

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    increase website traffic

    7 Ways to Use Video Content to Increase Website Traffic—With Successful Examples

    As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their audience and drive growth. In response, brands are transitioning from traditional blog articles to video marketing to forge deeper connections with their audience, expand their reach, and drive website traffic, ultimately aiming to increase website traffic.

    Inbound marketing has revolutionized the marketing landscape for companies and marketers. As consumer preferences evolve, so must the content shared to engage them and pique their interest in your product or service. In response, brands are transitioning from traditional blog articles to video marketing to forge deeper connections with their audience, expand their reach, and drive website traffic.

    Generating leads remains a significant challenge for many business owners today. Fortunately, video content offers a compelling solution to attract visitors to your site. Join us as we explore 7 effective strategies to achieve this goal. By the end, you’ll have a clear roadmap for leveraging video content to increase traffic to your website.

    Why Does Your Marketing Strategy Need to Include Video?

    Numerous benefits make video content an effective tool for boosting web traffic. Without further ado, let’s delve into the key advantages of harnessing this form of marketing content:

    • Based on video marketing statistics, over 45% of Internet users engage with online videos. Its popularity stems from its ease of consumption and minimal energy requirement, making it a preferred choice among audiences. Additionally, its entertainment value and flexibility allow for viewing during various daily activities, such as commuting or breaks.
    • This integration of videos into daily life presents brands with a unique opportunity to connect with customers seamlessly. By creating engaging video content, brands can reach consumers without intruding on their routine. Moreover, videos are shared twice as often as other content types, reflecting humans’ innate social nature.
    • Moreover, 75% of Internet views occur on mobile devices, emphasizing the accessibility and convenience of video content. This prevalence of mobile viewing underscores the importance of optimizing video content for mobile platforms. As a result, brands can capitalize on this trend by producing captivating videos that resonate with audiences on the go.

    For all these reasons, there’s no doubt that video is one of the most memorable ways to educate customers about a brand. Additionally, it serves as a powerful tool to increase website traffic.

    7 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    When establishing your online presence, reaching your target audience without appearing bothersome or overwhelming is paramount. Therefore, the key to success lies in sharing compelling and engaging content to cultivate a positive brand perception.

    While the concept of video content marketing may sound appealing, visualizing its real-world implications can be challenging. Hence, here are 7 practical ways to utilize video to increase website traffic, accompanied by data-based examples. These illustrations provide tangible insights into how video content marketing operates in practice.

    1 – Create Educational Videos That Help Your Customers

    People have a natural inclination towards learning, and when given the choice, they often prefer to do so through video content. This preference has propelled YouTube to become one of the most prominent platforms for acquiring knowledge. In fact, studies indicate that searches beginning with “How to” are experiencing an average annual increase of 70%.

    Given this trend, creating educational videos on topics relevant to your company can be instrumental in driving website traffic. By catering to the interests of potential customers actively seeking such information, you can effectively capture their attention and potentially expand your customer base.

    Anyone can present a series of facts, but going the extra mile involves incorporating personal experiences and expertise to genuinely educate viewers and address their daily challenges. This approach not only distinguishes you from others but also attracts customers, sparking their interest in learning more about your company.

    2 – Use Explainer Videos to Engage Your Audience with Animation

    Explainer videos serve as concise presentations typically utilized in sales to elucidate complex topics, such as the workings of a product or service, to your audience. Instead of relying on mundane text or intricate infographics, animation enables viewers to visualize these processes effortlessly.

    Moreover, animated characters often evoke positive emotions in most viewers, fostering a stronger emotional connection compared to real human actors. Let’s face it, how often do you watch a celebrity commercial and truly feel a sense of relatability?

    This aspect contributes to the effectiveness of animation as an entertaining and attention-grabbing format for attracting your audience. Given that humans are inherently visual beings, the amalgamation of text, images, sound, and elements like motion graphics naturally captivates our attention far more than a static image or text alone.

    3 – Optimize Videos for Social Media and Build a Community

    Driving traffic to your website involves reaching a wider audience, as the more individuals who engage with your content, the greater the potential leads actively learning about your brand. While this task may pose challenges, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok offer powerful tools for distributing your video content.

    Social media platforms thrive on user engagement, as their revenue is largely derived from advertising. Therefore, their primary focus is on providing users with valuable content that entertains and sustains their interest. By sharing videos that resonate with your audience, these platforms’ algorithms will actively promote your content, thereby increasing brand visibility.

    As your brand gains popularity on social media, users will be compelled to seek out more information about your offerings and visit your website. Thus, leveraging social media platforms for video content distribution can significantly boost website traffic and enhance brand awareness.

    4 – Incorporate Video into Email Marketing 

    Email marketing presents a valuable opportunity to increase website traffic due to its capacity to include links to your site. Furthermore, subscribers are more inclined to click on these links as they have already expressed interest in your brand by joining your mailing list.

    Although declining opening rates pose a challenge for email marketing, incorporating the word “video” into the subject line can enhance open rates by up to 6%. 

    To maximize the effectiveness of your email video marketing campaign, it’s essential to clarify the purpose behind driving visitors to your website. Whether you’re offering a free trial or a discount, defining your objectives clearly enables your call-to-action (CTA) to entice recipients by providing precisely what they need.

    5 – Consider Video Advertising to Target Valuable Consumers

    While inbound marketing techniques can yield significant benefits, there are instances where a more outbound approach is necessary to promote emerging products or generate buzz around upcoming events. In such cases, video advertising proves invaluable, enabling you to reach a broader audience, drive specific actions like clicks, and simultaneously increase website traffic.

    In today’s saturated advertising landscape, consumers are inundated with promotions, resulting in an audience desensitized to most ads. Thankfully, video campaigns offer a solution by quickly capturing viewers’ attention, providing you with the opportunity to showcase the value of your offerings and compel them to visit your website.

    6 – Attract Investors with a Compelling Whiteboard

    Reaching leads who express interest in your product is crucial as it enhances the likelihood of conversions. However, at times, merely attracting common visitors may not suffice. For any emerging company, attracting investors and directing them to your website is imperative, and leveraging video content can facilitate this process.

    When presenting your business to potential investors, you have a limited window to make a favorable impression. A well-produced video, such as those offered by whiteboard animation companies, can serve as a straightforward and compelling tool to narrate your company’s story. Additionally, it demonstrates to investors your commitment to your business’s success and diligent efforts.

    7 – Improve Your Website With Testimonial Videos

    A critical aspect of boosting website traffic involves achieving a favorable position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Many consumers kick off their purchasing journey by researching product information, emphasizing the pivotal role search engines play in attracting potential customers. Fortunately, integrating testimonial videos can significantly enhance your website’s SEO performance.

    Videos offer visitors an engaging and interactive experience, leaving a lasting positive impression. Additionally, they contribute to increased dwell time, representing the duration users spend analyzing a webpage before returning to search results. Search engines perceive dwell time as a gauge of user satisfaction, thereby positively influencing SEO rankings.

    Furthermore, in addition to assisting you in attracting more visitors, testimonial videos can provide the final nudge needed for conversion. They play a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility, offering social proof that others have had positive experiences with your product or service.


    Video marketing emerges as a potent strategy for driving website traffic and enhancing conversion rates across various industries. Through the implementation of these tactics, companies can expand their reach, increase exposure, and solidify their online presence.

    The initial step in this endeavor involves attentively listening to and comprehending your customers. By monitoring their behaviors, interests, and online interactions, you can tailor content that resonates with them. This not only attracts visitors but also fosters deeper connections with your audience.

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