Top 5 Ad Film Makers in Bangalore – 2024

This article aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on five prominent Ad film makers in Bangalore. It’s essential to emphasize that the inclusion or exclusion of any particular company from this list is not indicative of a judgment regarding its quality or capabilities and should not be interpreted as such.

Ad films allow businesses to convey their message in a visually engaging and concise manner. They can effectively communicate the unique value proposition, products, services, and brand identity to a broad audience.

They help in building and increasing brand awareness. When people repeatedly see or hear about a brand through advertisements, they are more likely to remember it when making purchasing decisions.

Advertisers can tailor ad films to specific demographics and target audiences, ensuring that their message reaches those most likely to be interested in their products or services. This precision can lead to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Following extensive research, we’ve curated a roster of the top 5 Ad film production houses in Bangalore, each equipped with the expertise and resources needed to craft exceptional content tailored to your business needs.


3DTRIXS proudly stands as the premier ad film production house in Bangalore, celebrated for our exceptional prowess in crafting tailored ad films that seamlessly align with each client’s distinctive vision and brand identity. Our steadfast commitment to the art of storytelling forms the core of our ad films, weaving compelling narratives to enrapture audiences and convey pivotal messages with finesse.

Within our extensive portfolio of ad films, we cover a diverse range of projects, encompassing product launches, brand advertisements, corporate showcases, and promotional campaigns. Boasting a remarkable track record of over 5,000 successful ventures and a growing roster of more than 500 delighted clients, our stellar reputation and glowing testimonials affirm our role as your ultimate partner in bringing your creative concepts to life through the dynamic medium of film.

At 3DTRIXS, we provide a comprehensive suite of video production services, spanning ad films, corporate videos, promotional content, instructional guides, 2D and 3D animations, and state-of-the-art visual effects. We serve as your single destination to fulfill all your video production needs, delivering unparalleled creativity and precision.

2 – Triangle Films India

Triangle Films India has some of the best Ad film makers in Bangalore. Founded by visionary filmmakers, this production house is known for its innovative and creative approach to advertising. They have a state-of-the-art studio equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest production quality.

The company specializes in creating visually stunning ad films that capture the essence of their clients’ brands. Their team includes experienced directors, cinematographers, and editors who work collaboratively to bring concepts to life. Their services include not only ad film production but also video production, corporate films, and animation services.

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3 – STOM Productions

STOM Productions is a leading Ad film agency in Banglore, it is a versatile company known for its ability to cater to a wide range of clients and industries. With a team of dedicated professionals, including scriptwriters, directors, and post-production experts, STOM Productions offers end-to-end solutions for ad film creation.

Their attention to detail is evident in every project they undertake. Whether it’s crafting a heartwarming narrative or producing a high-energy commercial, STOM Productions has consistently demonstrated its creative prowess and commitment to client satisfaction. Alongside ad film production, STOM Productions offers a wide range of services, including video editing, sound design, and post-production services.

4 – We Are Films

We Are Films is a prominent Ad film production house in Bangalore, celebrated for its legacy of excellence. They have garnered acclaim as a top choice for numerous leading brands and agencies. What truly distinguishes the company is its remarkable skill in encapsulating the essence of a brand and effectively communicating its message through compelling visuals and storytelling.

They provide an extensive array of services, spanning from meticulous pre-production planning to innovative post-production editing, all executed with a blend of precision and creativity. The company’s unwavering commitment to delivering projects punctually and within budget has cultivated trust and loyalty among their valued clients.


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5 – Picture Unfold

Picture Unfold has the top emerging Ad film makers in Bangalore, and they are making waves with their fresh and innovative approach. This dynamic production house is known for its adaptability, seamlessly transitioning between various genres and styles to meet the unique needs of its clients.

Picture Unfold’s team consists of young and creative minds who are passionate about their craft. They work closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives, translating them into compelling ad films that leave a lasting impression. In addition to Ad film production, they offer services such as scriptwriting, cinematography, and color grading.


The Ad film makers in Bangalore have firmly established themselves as industry leaders, consistently delivering creative and technically impressive ad campaigns. These top five ad film production houses in Bangalore have played an integral role in shaping the city’s reputation as a thriving hub for advertising.

Their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative storytelling, and ability to bring brands to life on screen make them indispensable within the advertising landscape. As the advertising industry continues to evolve, these production houses are poised to adapt and innovate, pushing the boundaries of creativity to create memorable and impactful ad films.

Whether you’re a brand looking to make a mark in the market or an aspiring filmmaker seeking inspiration and mentorship, these ad film makers in Bangalore exemplify the potential that dedication, talent, and creativity can unlock in the dynamic world of advertising.

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