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Top 5 Explainer Video Companies in Toronto, Canada – 2024

The goal of this article is to inform readers about the best explainer video companies in Toronto, Canada. The ratings provided to companies are based on our research and analysis, and other companies in the same sector may be performing exceptionally well.

An example of a commercial or marketing communication is an explainer video, which uses animation to communicate information about your commodity or service. They can increase conversion rates, optimise the video sales funnel, and deliver messages faster, and in an engaging manner.

We have shortlisted the explainer video companies in Canada that have worked with probably the biggest brands in Toronto, Canada, the USA, Europe and all across the world and have assisted them in giving explainer videos to their crowd in a creative manner.

We aim to inform readers about explainer video companies in Canada, Toronto that provide their clients with the most comprehensive offer with a large range of various sorts of animation videos.

Finding the right explainer video firm for your business is just as important as making the explainer video itself, so to make the process simpler, we’ve done extensive market research and compiled a list of the top 5 explainer video companies in Toronto, Canada that you should consider.


3DTRIXS is among the very best explainer video companies in Toronto. The organisation works with you to develop a distinctive and remarkable video production experience by comprehending your needs and goals.

With the best resources and strategies at your disposal, you’ll make significant strides toward reaching your business objectives. The organisation is surrounded by intelligent and driven individuals.

The Company offers excellent services for explainer videos, advertisements, corporate and educational videos, as well as visual effects and 2D and 3D animation videos.

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2 – Epic Video Factory 

Epic Video Factory is a popular explainer video company in Toronto known to create a brand building, sales creating and profit-producing videos. With an interesting, convincing explainer video, their videos help you establish your brand, occupy your niche, and sell more of what you have to offer.

Because the company’s team of talented animators has expertise in producing the ideal video message for businesses all over the world, they can make a video that gets seen, attracts clicks, strengthens your brand, and generates a continuous stream of purchases.

The company has expertise in creating explainer videos, corporate videos, social media videos, educational videos and testimonial videos.

3 – Rocketwheel

Rocketwheel is an animated explainer video company in Toronto known to create animated explainer videos for B2B, healthcare, SaaS, education, and more. The company has been in this industry for over 13 years and has mastered the art of breaking down how to approach content design & video production.

The business is supported by skilled animators and strategists, and it assists various firms in making money by enhancing measurement, enhancing client brand equity, and reaching out to new audiences. The company has expertise in working with animation videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, and product videos.

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4 – Bluemoon

Bluemoon is an award-winning explainer video company in Toronto with global experience. The company interprets your objectives and ideas to accurately and meaningfully present your story. 

The company pays attention to your brand and goals, learns about them, and uses that information to create videos that flawlessly achieve your desired results by connecting emotionally with the audience you most want to target.

The company is particularly good at 2D, 3D, 360° VR editing, kinetic typography, design, motion graphics, layering, overlays, closed captioning for AODA compliance, subtitling, audio mixing, exporting, uploading, and mastering.

5 – Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the leading explainer video companies in Toronto known to make visually captivating storytelling videos that deliver your message with simplicity and clarity and stick in the viewer’s mind for a very long time, regardless of your product or service.

The company recognises that the success of your video depends on strong storytelling that is ingrained in imaginative script writing, beautiful images, and animation, and the company checks all these boxes to a flawless standard. Explainer videos, educational videos, motion graphics videos, cartoon animations, whiteboard animations and corporate videos are a few of the top services provided by the company.

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The choice of an explainer video company in Toronto that will best contribute to a person’s business success ultimately comes down to their personal tastes.

Different explainer video companies in Canada will present you with different video marketing techniques for your products or services. Examining a company’s prior work to see whether or not their explainer video services intrigue you is a quick and easy way to choose the ideal one.

These are our research’s and opinion’s top five explainer video companies in Toronto, Canada. You will be able to produce excellent content for your needs if you work with any of these businesses to create films for your company.

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