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Top 5 Video Production Companies in Chennai – 2024

The objective of this article is to inform readers about the top video production companies in Chennai. The ranking is based on our judgment, and other businesses may be doing a better job than those we’ve listed.

Businesses often use videos for branding, advertising, awareness-building, and a variety of other purposes to reach a wider audience and persuade them to try out and use their services rather than those of rivals.

A good and professional video requires the use of top-notch and cutting-edge infrastructure, apps, and technologies by creative and competent video production artists, something that only a select few video production companies in Chennai can perform.

It might be challenging to choose the best company for your needs that will meet your needs in the short and long term based on a simple Google search, which turns up hundreds of businesses that are willing to provide their services.

We did a lot of research to compile a list of the top 5 video production companies in Chennai. These businesses have the resources and caliber to produce exceptional content for your company.


A well-known and highly specialized video production company in Chennai is 3DTRIXS. With over 7000 projects finished for over 600 clients and an excellent track record and reviews, 3DTRIXS has received numerous honours for its name and established itself as a trustworthy brand when it comes to video production and editing services.

The company 3DTRIXS is arguably one the best to suit your needs, having generated over 1 million minutes of video so far and working with major players like Amazon, Mercedes, and several other firms.

The company provides top-notch explainer videos, Ad Films, corporate, instructional, visual effects, and 2D and 3D animation video production services.

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2 – Zero Gravity Digital

A leading video production company in Chennai and an industry innovator in corporate video production, Zero Gravity Digital has a dedicated corporate filmmaking team with demonstrated skills to meet the demands of both large and small businesses for video communication.

From conception to completion, the business manages the full creative process of creating a corporate video. Work on the concept, script, storyboard, casting, video shoot, animation, and post-production are all included in this.

For huge enterprises and start-ups looking to advertise their business, build brand recognition, explain how a new product works, or display their facility through a manufacturing plant video, the company is the top choice.


3 – InfiniX360

One of the leading video production companies in Chennai with ten years of industry experience, Infinix 360 has an impressive clientele in a variety of sectors. The business is renowned for its original, creative scripts and movies that effectively project the messages that support you in forging connections with your clients and customers.

The business employs a talented group of storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, videographers, and video producers who develop compelling narratives to showcase your goods and services.

The company provides a wide range of services, such as corporate videography, product videos, explainer videos, social media videos, and documentary videos.

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4 – OVM Studios

An award-winning video production company in Chennai called OVM Studios is renowned for using corporate video to tell powerful messages. The business creates videos that swoon viewers over your brand. Whether you want them to smile, sob, or contemplate.

The company creates engaging, narrative-driven corporate videos, brand films, testimonials, and case studies that carry your message and produce tangible business benefits in everything from sales and marketing to recruitment and training.

5 – Pathway Productions

A creative video production company in Chennai with an engineering background, Pathway Productions is located in Chennai. The organization creates the greatest videos specifically for your target audience because it is aware of your technology and your clientele.

The best explainer films, 2D animation videos, whiteboard animation videos, Ad Films, corporate videos, and virtual reality – 360 photos are all available from this company, which is your one-stop shop for all of your video production needs.


The choice of the best video production company for a business ultimately rests with the person.

Various video production companies in Chennai can provide you with various marketing strategies or possibilities for your products or service. One easy way to choose the best one is to review their prior work to determine whether their video creation services are appealing to you.

These are our research and opinion’s top five video production companies in Chennai. You will be able to produce excellent content for your needs with any of these businesses as your partner in making films for your business.

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